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Welcome to the International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slaves

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ISDSA Philosophy

The Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry are proud of their enslaved ancestors, not ashamed; want to remember the past, not erase it; want to celebrate their heritage, not mourn it; and want to promote dialogue about this chapter in world history for the purpose of documenting and preserving slave genealogy for future generations.

ISDSA Celebrates 20 Years of Collecting, Documenting & Preserving Slave Genealogy for Future Generations


Thank you, ISDSA Contributors! You have entrusted us with more than 400 precious ancestral photos, family stories and oral histories, which we proudly showcase in  "Former Slaves in Freedom - The People's Exhibit".  


ISDSA is currently partnering with Chicago State University to digitize the Collection, to make it available for cross-referenced data sharing (to the public) via the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).

ISDSA is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and welcomes donations. Make your tax deductible check or money order payable to: ISDSA, P.O. Box 436937, Chicago, IL 60643-6937

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